About Serenity Community Outreach Center

Serenity Community Outreach Center provides the comprehensive approach to tackling uninsured mentally ill in our Atlanta region. We uncover why individuals fall into a distressed state and how to connect them to the right service and support to get back on their feet again. By narrowing in critical areas, Serenity Community Outreach Center is assisting and empowering people with the day to day struggle of mental illness.


The mission of the Serenity Community Services Outreach Center is to establish and maintain a Comprehensive Service Network of professional providers of psychological counseling, social work, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for medically underserved families and individuals accused of committing low-level crimes

  • to assist families who have not had access to Mental Health Services in obtaining psychological evaluations, counseling, housing, substance abuse and social work services
  • to bridge, the gap between the insured and uninsured communities seeking to secure adequate Mental Health Services, Substances Abuse and Housing Services
  • to sponsor special events for charitable purposes for the psychological and mental health care of families, including, parents, children, and senior citizens; promote and provide education surrounding Mental Health issues
  • to conduct research regarding Psychological and Mental Health care of the children, adolescents and adults who are living with Mental Health diagnosis
  • to provide nutritional assistance by maintaining horticultural services and a fully stocked Food Bank
  • to assist new parents with the purchase of diapers and other infant/toddler essentials by maintaining a Diaper Bank
  • to establish and provide a High School Equivalency Preparation/Testing Program
  • to establish and provide a Pre-Arrest/Re-Entry Program, that aims to divert people accused of committing low-level crimes from entering the criminal justice system